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Latiao (Spicy strip), originated in Pingjiang, in Hunan province. It was at first called mianjin (Chinese: 面筋). Later, Pingjiang people called it mala (Chinese: 麻辣) because Latiao is spicy. Latiao is made from flour that is cooked and seasoned, and is not fried and spicy. Pingjiang has a history of making dried sauce, spicy sauce and spicy bean curd, which are important parts of the Pingjiang industry.

辣条(Latiao),起源于湖南省平江市。它最初被称为面筋。后来,平江人称它为麻辣(Mala),因为腊t是辛辣的。 Latiao由煮熟和调味的面粉制成,没有油炸和辛辣味。平江有干酱,麻辣酱和麻辣豆腐的生产历史,这是平江工业的重要组成部分。

In 1998, a major flood disaster occurred in Hunan, which led to a serious loss of agricultural products. Soybean, the main raw material for sauce industry, experienced a large decline in production.This directly caused a devastating blow to the dried sauce industry. In order to support the family, farmers urgently needed a new approach. Qiu Pingjiang, Li Mengneng, and Zhong Qingyuan used wheat flour instead of soy flour. Using single-screw extrusion machinery, adding chili, pepper, cumin, sugar, salt, vegetable oil and other condiments, they invented Latiao.


In 1990 Latiao debuted in China. The snack quickly became popular across the country. At the beginning, it was sold in small shops, before expanding to supermarkets.


In February 2016 the BBC aired a three-part documentary on Chinese New Year celebrations in which the two presenters were seen roaming a typical Chinese snack street, Latiao in hand. Min Quanlu, production manager of WL-Foods, a major latiao maker, said that the company packaged the snack by hand. until 2011, when demand exploded. "We make 600 million yuan's worth of latiao each year and employ about 2,000 workers," Min said. "About 20 percent of our products are sold in the domestic market, and the rest goes overseas.

拉面生产商WL-Foods的生产经理闵全路说,该公司手工包装这种小吃。直到2011年需求激增。闵说:“我们每年可赚6亿元人民币的拉票,并雇用大约2,000名工人。” “我们大
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